Help with sure cuts alot2

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Help with sure cuts alot2

Post by txheartbeat »

I just purchased this cd.. I have gone through all the steps on the installation sheet, but realized is got two steps backwards.
Could someone help?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Help with sure cuts alot2

Post by Jax »

Where and when did you purchase this "CD"..The application for version 2 has not been available for about 2 years. If you bought it on Ebay or some other vendor it was done outside the support of Craft Edge. You may want to contact the vendor you purchased it from for support.
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Re: Help with sure cuts alot2

Post by Rachell »

most likely you bought a pirated copy either on e bay or somewhere else there have been a lot of that happening as there are not legal copies available and it is not transferable from one person to another. contact the place where you got it and try to get your money back.

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