If Sure Cuts A Lot 3 won't start...

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If Sure Cuts A Lot 3 won't start...

Post by craftedge »

If your copy of Sure Cuts A Lot 3 is not starting up and just quickly flashes the opening logo screen and then closes, make sure you have the latest 3.048 (or higher) installed from

If after installing the update and it still does not start, please try the following:
Immediately after starting Sure Cuts A Lot, hold down the 'D' key on the keyboard in Windows or the 'Control" key on a Mac. Keep it held down and after a few seconds, it should ask to load default settings. Click ok and see if it loads then.

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Re: If Sure Cuts A Lot 3 won't start...

Post by scrapyQ »

Hi My SCAL will start up but every time I first get a user control window that asks me if I give premission for the unknow publisher to make changes to my computer I click yes and then Scal will start up. I tried downloading again and restarting my computer and still the same. During the re install of 3.048 I got the attached error message. Should I do the same procedure listed above to fix this problem or is there something else I should do.

Susan ;)
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Re: If Sure Cuts A Lot 3 won't start...

Post by missflit »

I love this forum! I sat down to do some cutting this afternoon and found that my SCAL 3.047 suddenly refused to boot past the opening logo window. After learning a lot while searching the forum, I found that the answer was just posted by CraftEdge - see their post above to UPDATE to version 3.148. I downloaded, installed and am up and cutting. thanks again.
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Re: If Sure Cuts A Lot 3 won't start...

Post by daddasmumma »

Thanks for this tip. I upgraded to the latest version of SCAL and was getting the message that it had stopped working
This has solved my problem
Once again Thank You x

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Re: If Sure Cuts A Lot 3 won't start...

Post by anniekay67 »

I tried to open my SCAL3 and it says I have to activate it. I have went back to the support/upgrade 3 and it says I have already received the activation. Now what do I do. I really need to get this working. Thanks

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