SCAL Version Help Please 2.041, 2.043, 2.044, 3.007

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Re: SCAL Version Help Please 2.041, 2.043, 2.044, 3.007

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That is why....but beware as the software is not transferrable.
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Re: SCAL Version Help Please 2.041, 2.043, 2.044, 3.007

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jbeck22 wrote:
hope9811 wrote:I have a question....I haven't used my SCAL in a long time and I know now it
doesn't support the cricut. My question is this....I have 2.041 on my desktop,
2.043 on my laptop, but I have the download for 2.044 saved. My question
is....what version should I keep so I don't loose my ability to cut to my
cricut? I would like both computers to be the same so when I use it and get
familiar with it again, they function the same. I don't even know the
differences between the versions that I have. What version would you use? What
I'd really like to do is update my desktop...deactivate it from my laptop, and
install it on my new laptop. Is version 2.044 the one I should use for both
computers? Is that the latest functioning version for SCAL with the cricut? It
is the last one I have until 3.007 which I also have but I think that's the one
that doesn't support the cricut. I have the .exe files for all of these, I just
don't want to mess up what I have but would like the latest operating program
with my cricut. I just don't know which one that is! LOL.

I posted this to a couple of groups that I follow....but no one has they
either don't know or haven't been on. Any help would be appreciated.

would you be able to send me the 2.044 version that you downloaded? i purchased a cricut for my wife for christmas not knowing that she wouldnt be able to use scal.

any help would be awesome!
Even if you were able to get the exe file from them you would not be able to activate it and use it to cut to the cricut with out it slashing your cuts, also these older versions were pulled because of a lawsuit from provocraft. Read the main page it clearly states they can't sell that versions that work with the cricut

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