upgrade from create to expression

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upgrade from create to expression

Post by bernielebs »

I have had a create and using SCAL 2, just got myself a expression and I am unsure if I an run my SCAL, do I need to do anything to get my expression to realise that it is connected to pc

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Re: upgrade from create to expression

Post by Jax »

Turn on your Expression if the firmware version shows 2.1 or 2.3 you can "plug and play"...I have one of the colored Experessions and it was just plug and play...Just realize that the settings on the Expression and Create are different and you'll have to play with it to do what you want. It's exactly like playing around with settings when you got your Create.
I did the same upgrade and it took a while to get it dialed in.
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Re: upgrade from create to expression

Post by shopkeypur »

I have an E with firmware 2.34 and it works just fine with scal2

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