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So sad - some people really don't have a life. Years ago on another Forum I spoke my mind about a topic which to me was well within the realms of free speech and which offended noones' religion, credo, country, race etc, something quite innocuous and I received loads of positive comments from people but was also innundated with some really nasty mails, from a couple of bonafide 'nice' members of the Forum so .. I copied and pasted them, names and all into a post so everyone could read them - sharing the fun so to speak!!. Needless to say it didn't happen again!!
I've always found this SCAL forum helpful and correct and when I speak out I do it publicly. Every Forum has its annoying posters, but if you don't comment on their posts then they stop after a while. Never be put off visiting a Forum because you're being targeted by sad people just copy and paste their hateful comments into a post and shame them before everybody: 'sticks and stones', people, there's so much worse in the world. :)

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I'm sorry to hear about Todd. He has created some many wonderful files to share with all of us. I also liked his sense of humour. It's too bad that there's a few people out there who has to spoil it for the rest of us.

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wow TOdd was always the first to help me whenever I had a technical glitch. I'll never understand why some people go out of their way to be rude and nasty. You know I'm sure there is a pill for that lol. Unfortunatly I know quite a few nasty people who would benifit from those pills :lol:

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I LOVED TODD !!! And miss him terribly.... Wish we could all send him a message and make his see how well loved he is here !! COME BACK TODD the ones that love you are really missing you !!!!

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I am so sorry to hear about Todd's experience. I can't say as I blame him for leaving, but it makes me mad that some coward who hides behind a computer keyboard can ruin it for the rest of us who loved his files. Todd, if you are reading this please consider coming back to the forum. Your positive comments, and willingness to help some of us "challenged" people is greatly missed.

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Wow! Really sad! Im not on here very often at all,but Todd has indeed helped me a time or two also & thought he is/was such a pleasant asset to this forum. Always helping,cheering & sharing. I do hope you come back Todd. For as many people who have sent you crappy pm's there are many many more that appreciate you and who you are! Please come back!

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Todd, please come back, you are very talented and willing to share your work.
You are the #1 guy on this forum so come back to your fan club.
I posted on the MTC forum and was basically bawled out because
the idea had already been requested. I will not contribute anything
to that group again...I have had issues with Yahoo group moderators
also, I don't know why people have to be so mean.....

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I miss the games Todd used to initiate :cry:
SCAL 2 (cricut), SCAL 3 (Black Cat 15"), Windows 10

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I dont know how long i've been away, but i went AWOL for the same reason as Todd....i got some horrid mails and some replies to my posts made me feel so unwelcome i went...ive come back to ask a question that i cannot solve and am now virtually in tears reading about cricut and i am not undeerstanding what is going on so will make a fresh sorry for Todd, but been there done that...and its horrid....

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