Need NEWBIE Help!!!!

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Need NEWBIE Help!!!!

Post by scrappinmomdeb »

Ok, just purchased the Downloadable and CD-Rom version this morning and I have NO IDEA what to do now. I need someone to help guide me through this. Do I register the serial number, I haven't downloaded anything, do I just wait for the CD Rom to arrive? I've gone to the Newbie forum and don't even understand what I'm reading at times.

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Re: Need NEWBIE Help!!!!

Post by Deloris »

The package that the CD is in will have a sheet with instructions on how to install it. Just look inside the CD case on the left side.

Here's a website that has lots of information and videos that will help you learn about SCAL:

There's tons of videos on utube too.

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Re: Need NEWBIE Help!!!!

Post by hellie0h »

Hi, I bought the CD from My Cricut Buddy, I like to have something physical in hand when I spend that kind of money. My CD came with instructions on downloading with the serial number printed on the instructions. Since purchasing the CD I have updated SCAL 2 times. Make sure you do that, the latest version is just installs over your existing software. There are many great tutorials in this forum as well as others on the web. Here some good tut sites,

Heather, on here offers a lot of help as well as having tuts on her blog, ... tutorials/

Scrappy Dew great tuts,

These are only a few of some really good tutorials that are out there. It took me 3 months of watching videos, reading tuts before I had the courage to cut my first project on the Cricut. Don't you wait that long ;)

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