Aligning two objects: why do they BOTH move?

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Aligning two objects: why do they BOTH move?

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When you want to align two objects, in most design packages I've used one of the objects remains stationary and the other moves to that object, i.e. I have an imported png image and a cutline. I want to centre the cutline on the png image. In most packages the png image would remain stationary and I would use "align centres" to move the cutline over the image.

In SCAL however, something odd happens. When you align objects, they BOTH move to a point between where both objects originally were. This is super annoying as often I've laid out the png images in the locations I want to print-and-cut them, then I want to centre the cut lines over the images. However since the align tool moves both objects, I then have to faff about moving it all back again.

Basically: is there a way to "lock" an object so that the align tool keeps one of the stationary and the other object is the only one moved?

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Re: Aligning two objects: why do they BOTH move?

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I've run into this same issue, and couldn't find a fix for it either.

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