Is SCAL still maintained?

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Is SCAL still maintained?

Post by Cutt1eFace »

Hello I want to know if Sure Cuts A Lot(SCAL) is still updated!
The last update to the site was 2018.
List of reasons I think it has not been maintained since 2018/19
  • last post was in 2018
  • website does not look updated
  • still showing that ECAL supports Sizzix EClips 2 (Although discontinued)
I wonder did it stop or will it continue?

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Re: Is SCAL still maintained?

Post by SandyMcC »

SCAL5 is still VERY much supported and updated. The developer is not at all diligent about updating wording on the web site. But since SCAL5 was released on July 1, 2018, there have been 56 free updates, mostly correctly bugs discovered in the dozens of different brands and models of cutters that SCAL 5 works with.

I don't know the status of ECAL since I only use and support cutters that work with the regular SCAL5. One thing that's important to realize... the Help>Check for Updates in SCAL very seldom works. There is only ONE way to know the latest version number and that's to actually download the file file itself. Just click on the BIG logo for the version you own, select the appropriate link based on your computer's O/S and then when you start the download, you'll be able to see the current version number in the name of the file.

If you have happen to be on Facebook, you'll find at least 5 different SCAL community/support groups that actively answer users' questions and share new findings. People have moved away from forums like this one and, of course, Yahoo shuts down ALL of its groups last December.

Anyhow, here's the link to the update page. Again, use the big logos because then you don't have to re-enter your reg number.

Also, I continually update my own SCAL support page here: ... l-support/
Sandy McCauley
Owner of

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