Can SCUT4 Make Rhinestone Template with Cricut Explorer

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Can SCUT4 Make Rhinestone Template with Cricut Explorer

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NewBee here.

We got a Cricut Explorer for Christmas and we are making vinyl decals for our T shirts using Photoshop, Inkscape and importing them into Design Space on Windows 10. After watching Inkscape and Design Space Videos, we got over the learning curve and have mastered the Vinyl and Glitter decal placement. We did find Stahls website very helpful with decals, since we purchased our supplies for them....

Now some of the fellow Cheerleaders are wanting Rhinestone shirts for Valentines.
We have Make-the-Cut software but their poor accuracy in placement of the Rhinestones requires hours to correct.

1. Can we purchase some version of SCUT to design our Rhinestone templates and import into Design Space or perhaps modify in Inkscape .Then use the Cricut Explorer to cut the template.

Since we are NewBee's, we greatly appreciate your expertiese in helping us find a solution.

Thanks Katie

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Re: Can SCUT4 Make Rhinestone Template with Cricut Explorer

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All versions of scal/ecal beginning in scal3 has a rhinestone feature. You will find it in the Effects menu in the top menu. You can do a goggle search for rhinestone tutorials, here is but one.
Susan E

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