Own SCAL 2 and questions on newer versions....

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Own SCAL 2 and questions on newer versions....

Post by hope9811 »

Hi. I am an original owner of SCAL 1 and upgraded to SCAL 2 which I still have. I haven't used SCAL in years as I also have MTC. However, MTC is no longer supported and my computer needs to be replaced so I am trying to decide what to do. I own a Silhouette Cameo which I have never used the software for but have heard that I can cut svg files on it. I use it for Print and Cut and still use a cricut expression. I have a VAST collection of SVG files that I need to be able to use. So my questions are...... do I need to purchase SCAL for and what is the benefit of it now if the cameo software allows me to use SVG files (I think) and if I upgrade to SCAL 4 from SCAL 2 can I keep both versions to use with my old cricut and the new version to work with the newer silhouette machines, and 3 is there an update cost to go from SCAL 2 To SCAL 4 or do I have to buy the program all over again. Can someone update me on the changes over the last few years and what are the advantages of the programs now? If I upgrade machines again, it will mostly likely be a newer cameo. Thanks for "updating" me as I am considering a new computer for the holidays and which program to use will be of a HUGE significance to me. Thank you!

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Re: Own SCAL 2 and questions on newer versions....

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You have to buy the Designer edition for the Silhouette Studio to use svg files. It doesn't change the feel of how the program works, just gives you a bit more capabilities. Personally, the Silhouette Studio program drives me crazy. It doesn't have functional layers. (Yes they are there, but only as an afterthought and they don't really work like layers.) I find it a pain to use. The plus side of Silhouette Studio is that it lets you set the registration marks closer to the edges of your page so you can squeeze more images or larger images into the same space compared to SCAL.

So basically, IMO (and you might not agree with me), Silhouette Studio gives you a slightly bigger design area but SCAL is a much less clunky program. You can download and play with both the current version of SCAL and the basic Silhouette Studio to see which works better for you.

Yes, you can have both SCAL4 and SCAL2 on your computer, but I don't think there is a discounted upgrade for SCAL4.

Also, if you are comfortable with Inkscape you can make your svg files into dxf files, and they can be used in the basic Silhouette Studio.

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