NCAA Logos (My first post!)

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Re: NCAA Logos (My first post!)

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BethH wrote:I need the Auburn LOGO so bad for a present that I need to give tonight...Anyhelp would be awesome.
Thanks again and Merry Chrsitmas..
Beth :P
Do you have the Auburn symbol in svg file?

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Re: NCAA Logos (My first post!)

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Hi, here it is in svg format.
(5.32 KiB) Downloaded 419 times
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Re: NCAA Logos (My first post!)

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Would you happen to have a Ohio State? these are great?
thank you

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Re: NCAA Logos (My first post!)

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My son will be attending Iowa Western Community College to wrestle this year and I would like to make some earrings. Their mascot is a pirate and I cannot figure out how to make an SVG to create earrings. Is anyone able to do this? Or their logo?

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Re: NCAA Logos (My first post!)

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The first step is to find the best image you can of the mascot. If you use Google images to search for their logo. When you rest your mouse over any image, it will show you the size. You want larger versus smaller. Click on the best one you find and then right click and select Save As or whatever is a save in the browser you're using. Then use the Trace Image window in SCAL to vectorize the image. There are detailed instructions on vectorizing in Chapter 5 of my SCAL user manuals here: ... l-support/
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