How to Make Owl-Shaped Pillow Boxes Out of Kraft?

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How to Make Owl-Shaped Pillow Boxes Out of Kraft?

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Apart from the packaging industry and small or big businesses, Kraft paper is also used by the people who are into the hobby of fun and paper stamping. If you are also a person who loves to make amazing and strikingly beautiful projects out of Kraft paper, here I have brought to you this new project; I call this Kraft Owl and it is a pillow box.
In this project, I am going to teach you how to make fancy and amazing owl-shaped pillow boxes for yourself. You can use those pillow boxes to either decorate your home or to put things inside them and use them as boxes. We all love the boxes because they help us organize our stuff.
Let us see how to make and decorate these pillow boxes until they reach a finished shape. It is only after the finishing that you can show these owl-shaped pillow boxes to your friends and family, sell them or decorate your home with them.

1. Materials

To make pillow boxes that look like owls, you have to get some materials that you will use. Definitely, Kraft is only the paper that you use, there are a lot of other materials. Let us get our hands on them:
• Kraft – This is the material with which you make the pillow boxes.
• Round beads to make the eyes of the owl
• White paper to make the white-colored sclera of eyes
• Paper with different patterns and styles to make feathers
• Colored papers
• Tape
• Glue
• Scissors
• Scale

2. Make the Shape
First and foremost, you have to make the shape of a pillow box. To do this, hold one horizontal side of the paper, roll it over and make an oval shape. Here you have to use the glue or tape to make sure that the Kraft paper does not lose its shape. Now use the scale or anything else to use some pressure and turn both ends of the open-ended box into two ends of a pillow.

3. Make the Owl

Now that you have got for yourself a pillow box, all you have to do is to turn it into an owl-like object. At this step, you have to be really careful with process because it is kind of the beginning of the finishing process,
First, take a paper with a color different than the pillow box sheet and patterned paper sheet. This is going to be the base of your pillow box. Paste this paper on the vertical length of your pillow box. Now cut a few pieces out of your paper with different patterns on it. Remember, these pieces must have around ending so as to make them look like the curled feathers.
Glue these pieces on the paper that you recently cut and pasted onto your pillow box. Now you have got the basic structure. However, you still have to make the owl’s eyes on it. In order to do so, get those round beads that you bought to use as your owl’s eyes. Now get two round and equal pieces of a white paper. These are going to be the eyes of your owl. Paste these pieces to the pillow box’s surface and then apply glue to the beads.
Once done with gluing, paste the beads on the white and round paper cut pieces that you recently applied to the pillow box. Now you have got for yourself the eyes of your owl. To give this detail a final touch, you can cut a triangle out of a yellow colored paper and paste this triangle right in the lower center of both eyes. Bingo! Your first owl-shaped pillow box is ready. Show it to your friends and family and decorate your home with it.

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Re: How to Make Owl-Shaped Pillow Boxes Out of Kraft?

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very cute...I think I will try it. Thanks!
Susan E

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