How do I do this?

Requests for finding a Font or Shape to use in Sure Cuts A Lot
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How do I do this?

Post by bcsant »

How do I make a monogram like this?


Is there a font like this? Or how do I make it?


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Re: How do I do this?

Post by gj1 »

You can do it all by hand moving nodes.
You can research using the warp and bulg feature in Inkscape.
There is a font collection called Harold's fonts that somehow do this.
I have never made one so am not certain, but someone else may lead you to just the perfect tutorial for this.

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Re: How do I do this?

Post by hellie0h »

Steve Good, who does awesome scroll patterns for wood has a video on using word to do this. Very easy.

If you don't have Word, Open Office.Org is a free program that also has the drawing option, this program does everything MS Office does.

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