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Stencil Tool

Post by craftedge »

In SCAL4 and eCAL2 you can use the Stencil tool to quickly add stencil bridges.

To use the Stencil tool, first select the Stencil Tool from the Tools panel.


In the tool options area, you can specify the width of the stencil bridge


Then click and drag to create the stencil bridge over the shape. You can hold down the Shift key to constrain the bridge to be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal at a 45 degree angle.


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Re: Stencil Tool

Post by sstehman »

Thank you for the tutorials you are developing.
Sandy in PA

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Re: Stencil Tool

Post by janekinso »

I add my thanks to yours, Sandy.
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Re: Stencil Tool

Post by strawdinaryfem »

Hi there, can anyone tell me if the stencil tool is just for text? When I try to make a picture into a stencil so that no parts are unconnected all I get is a negative stencil bridge? Cheers SF

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Re: Stencil Tool

Post by papasue »

I hope I am understanding you correctly. Yes you can use the stencil tool to split off pieces. After you use the stencil tool, you need to do path/break apart to separate it from the original piece. You can also use the knife to do it. Search this forum for hints, tips and how to's on both.

Let us know if this gets the job done for you.
Susan E

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Re: Stencil Tool

Post by jonesusthree »

following for future project

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Re: Stencil Tool

Post by bdthames »

I followed these instructions. But my object I want to turn into a stencil is from a trace.... and this happens.

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