Eclips2 Ecal adding perfs and scoring

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Eclips2 Ecal adding perfs and scoring

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I have looked for a tutorial showing how to add perfs and scoring to a traced image without success. There are tutorials relative to templates of flowers etc...but can not find adding a simple perf or score.

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Re: Eclips2 Ecal adding perfs and scoring

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While this manual is based on the SCAL version of the software, I'm fairly certain that dashed line cutting is accomplished the same way in eCAL:

Section 3.15.2 ... Manual.pdf

For Scoring, are you referring to how eCAL will apply a very low pressure to a cut line so that it doesn't fully cut out or are you referring to inserting an actual scoring tool and using, say, 2 passes, at a medium pressure to score the material for a fold line?
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