Wrapper feature with photo

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Wrapper feature with photo

Post by auntgabe »

I'd like to apply the wrapper function to an imported image. I'm trying to manipulate the proportions of a photo so that I can wrap it around a cup. Top of the cup is wider than the base. I'm stuck. Anyone know how to do this? I would also like to alter patterns to wrap around a cup.

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Re: Wrapper feature with photo

Post by Createinspain »

I've had a look, since I use wrapper function sometimes but it does not appear able to do it with an image such as a photo, the image disappears, even if it is done as a print and cut print.

If that is correct, I can only suggest you make your basic template with the wrapper effect and save the file. Open it up in different image manipulation and use that to add your image. Perhaps if you contact Craftedge, they can advise if it can be done any other way.

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