Help with text on path

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Help with text on path

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I am trying to do a image of a infinity sign on its side with the work faith within the bottom line. I get the text on the line but I would like it as part of the line. How do I get the text to flow with the line?

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Re: Help with text on path

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you would use the text tool, there are three options and the last one, I think, is text on path. that is what you need to use.

I don't use it much as I design in inkscape and don't do a lot of text on path, but it should work about the same.
you have your shape (path) and your text, select the text with that tool and drag it over the shape. or you can select that tool and then click on the shape and start typing.

hope someone who does use it comes along soon and can help you more.

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Re: Help with text on path

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After you have put your text on path you can highlight the text and then use the Text property window to adjust the spacing and where the letters are in relationship to the line. If you want the line through the middle of your letters you need to use a negative V Offset. You might need to adjust the spacing also using the Tracking. HTH
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