PDF files in Inkscape

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PDF files in Inkscape

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Pdf files should open in Inkscape broken apart and ready to color, move then cut. Some I have found to be rather difficult, they look like they can be selected but for some reason cannot be broken apart. I recently decided there must be a way to correct the problem. Here is what I came up with and am anxious to hear feedback
1. Open your file in Inkscape, select all and see if you have a broken apart graphic. If so deselect and try to move individual pieces. If you can't here is what I do.

A. Use the node tool and click on an area of the graphic, nodes will appear, then use the select tool. You should see a dotted box form around the object to show it is selected. Keep it selected

B. Go to edit copy

C. Go to file, open default page, now you will have two pages to work with.

D. On the newly 2nd default page paste the copy.

F. Keep doing the node tool, select, copy and past to the new default page until all is moved.

G. Put graphics where they need to be to cut.

H. Select all and name your project, save, and your ready to import into scal :o

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