help Inkscape Bezier tool(resolved)

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help Inkscape Bezier tool(resolved)

Post by habarijoy »

I hope someone can help me. I'm trying to make an envelope in inkscape that I can save as a svg file. I have on several attempts been able to make it but when I got to cut it out in SCAL the flaps are not exactly even. Here is a picture of the envelope that I made but I need help. I'm not an artist and I can't draw but I thought by using the Bevier tool to make the lines it would do the job. I just need someone to walk me through the process.

2012-10-09 12.23.21.jpg
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Re: help

Post by papasue »

Hi, welcome to the forum.

The envelope look ok in the picture, where is the problem area.

If you are not getting straight lines with the bezier tool there are a couple of things you could do. When you start the line hold down the control key while yor drag your line out.

turn on the grid Andrew along the grid line, ensure that snap to Gide is on.

Sorry I am not where I can get to my computer to give inst on where to fin the grid on menus but I think under file, but somewhere in the top menu.

Someone will come along soon I am sure to clarify what I have just said :D
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Re: help

Post by dragonlord666 »

Grid, guides and snap are all under edit menu in inkscape.

if you want some great envelopes, have a look at or and have a look at Linda Griffiths wonderful easy envelope maker.
they are in SVG and all you need do is resize the bits and weld (union in inkscape) - the included PDF tell you how, step by step
can also be done in scal, you just need to match up the inkscape commands to scal ones

(there is also a easy box maker too done the same way, resize & union)

they are great files and very easy.

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