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inkscape Scal5 extension

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Hi, was wondering if anyone out there has had the same problem with the Inkscape SCAL5 extension download as i have tried abot 5 times to donload and when it tries to install it pops up a notice saying, "cannot install the extension unable to locate extensions folder for Inkscape" it used to work fine with SCAL4 but just won't with 5. I am not very not very computer savvy sorry.

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Re: inkscape Scal5 extension

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I need to know the following:

(1) Mac or PC?

(2) What specific operating system on your computer? For example, if on a Mac, it might be 10.15.1. On a PC, it's fine to just say Windows 10 (or whatever).

(3) In SCAL, go to Help>About Sure Cuts A Lot 5. What version does it say? Please don't type back "I'm on the latest".

Hopefully, we can get it figured out. I've never used that Extension. On the rare occasion, I use Inkscape, I just save as SVG and import it into SCAL. But if you used it frequently with SCAL4, I assume it's a pain to no longer have it.
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