How to perfect the design template sizes?

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How to perfect the design template sizes?

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Hi all,

Need your advice here.

About 14 years ago a company called Deluxe Designs - Pages by Designs published a page layout book with a template system. I have the book, but not the templates and the company is now out of business. I could easily cut the papers for the layouts without the templates if I only had their dimensions.

Honestly, reading online articles can help you learn more about scrapping. So take time to search for those. Also, I am thinking of buying some distress inks as I am starting to get into mixed media and such, but I am worried that if I have too many inks they will go dry over time. Has anyone had any such issues? I hope that makes sense.
I would appreciate your insights on this. Thanks!

Does anybody have the templates and can tell me what their sizes are? Thanks
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Re: How to perfect the design template sizes?

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I have most if not all of them and I've never used them. If you'd like them AND you're in the USA, just send me an email ( ) and I'll figure out a price that will cover mailing and any packaging plus Paypal fees or whatever.

Regarding inks, most of them have refills available to purchase. I live in the desert so mine are basically dry except when I used them occasionally! lol I just dab some reinker across the surface and they're too go for whatever project I'm using. Other than that, I suppose storing them into a Ziploc would help keep them for drying out too soon.
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