surf board svg

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surf board svg

Post by Jennifer »

Hi All,
Can anyone help me with an svg of a surf board? My daughter wants a Teen Beach Movie theme for her 8th birthday so i want to try to cut surf boards and cut a circle in it to put their pictures and make it a frame or magnet. Hopefully i can do this, it sounds like a good idea. TIA. Jennifer

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Re: surf board svg

Post by papasue »

This sounds like a fund project. There are a lot of them here to choose from: ... 40&bih=851

Your can download one here in svg format.
Susan E

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Re: surf board svg

Post by mitsim »

It would be so cute to use just the back of the surfbard card, and glue the details from the front of the card to the back piece, and then cut out a square in the middle for your photo. Good luck!!! ... cts_id=364

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Re: surf board svg

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So useful topic . I appreciate topic selection . Thank you.

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