GlueArts GlueGlider Pro: which cartridge???

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GlueArts GlueGlider Pro: which cartridge???

Post by AshleyNC »

Has anyone used the GlueGlider? I see online that there are 3 choices for permanent tape, and it says there's a handy chart on the back that details which one is for which type of project, but I can't seem to find the chart anywhere online so I can choose!

The choices are "Perma Tac", "High Tac", and "Extreme Tac." (They go up in price in this order, as well, so I'd rather not go for Extreme Tac if I don't really need it.)

Any information/suggestions much appreciated!

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Re: GlueArts GlueGlider Pro: which cartridge???

Post by dragonlord666 »

I'd say it depends what your project is.

perma tac I would think is regular glue

high tac would be like a extra sticky tape (red liner one)

and extreme tac is like a "super glue" type, once you put the items together, you are NOT getting them apart!!!

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